22 January 2011

Speakeasy Revisited

Faux speakeasies have been a trend in New York in recent years. Although I have often scoffed at the idea (hello, prohibition is over) tonight some friends and I decided to try one out—the Back Room—on the Lower East Side.

To find the place, we had to look for a sign that read “East Side Toy Company.” We then went down a set of metal stairs and through an alley to get to the unmarked door for the Back Room. Filled with red velvet sofas, large portraits of Victorian-era women, and a glowing fireplace, the place is surprisingly large and intimate at the same time. It even has a hidden back room that only friends of the owner can hang out in. We sat at the bar, and I ordered a Rob Roy, which was served in a white teacup. One of my friends had a beer that was served in a coffee mug. I have to admit I felt a bit like Dorothy Parker while I sipped my scotch. Of course, one can never really know what drinking at a real speakeasy felt like but it was pretty fun nonetheless. 

Photos from chow.com.

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