14 January 2011

Lipstick Obsessed

"Observatory Time: The Lovers" Man Ray (1936). Otherwise known as Lee Miller's lips.

Mrs. Parker loves her lipstick. In fact, I feel awkward if I leave the house without it (add referring to myself in the third person as making me feel awkward as well). This obsession, if you will, means that I have a large collection of lipsticks and glosses in a variety of colors. Sometimes, when I’ve fallen in love with one, I’ve bought multiplies in case the color is discontinued (note to MAC, please bring back Marrakesh). Trips to the UK used to involve the purchasing of large quantities of Boots No 7 lipsticks until they became available in the States. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I consider myself to be a bit of a lipstick expert. And if pressed to name my favourite lipstick brand, I would answer Lipstick Queen.

Created by the brilliant Poppy King, Lipstick Queen is simply one of the best lipstick brands I have ever worn (perhaps even the best). From its perfect colours to its cool packaging, Lipstick Queen is my go to for lipstick. The ten main shades come in two choices, Saint or Sinner. Saint is all about shimmer and shine while Sinner is dark and matte. Of all the colours, Rust Sinner is my favourite. When I got a chance to meet Poppy at an event last year I gushed so much to her about my love of Rust Sinner I'm afraid she must have thought me a bit mad.

A sort of brownish red, Rust Sinner's rich pigment gives me perfect bee-stung lips while complimenting my complexion like no other lipstick does. Its thick texture is probably as close as I'll ever come to knowing what lipstick felt like in the 1920s and always makes me feel like I'm wearing a bit of flapper glam. When I recently had to take new passport photos, I made sure that I was wearing my favourite colour (after all, custom agents and I will have to look at that same photo for the next ten years). 

So do go out and try Lipstick Queen. I'm sure there's a perfect colour waiting for you. And if any of you dear readers have a favourite lipstick I'd love to hear all about it.

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  1. i have always for as long as i can remember just used chanel lip liner in red. to line and fill. thats it. sometimes i top it with powder. sometimes i top it with a tiny bit of rosebud to help blend/spread it. it's either that or nothing but rosebud (which these days is the standard) xox



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