08 January 2011

Purple Loveliness

Longchamp, the French leather goods company, knows marketing. Their store window in Soho normally features just a handful of bags, each strategically hung with lights hitting them just so. A few seasons ago there was a yellow bag in the window that acted like a beacon. Every time I walked by, I would stop and stare before thoughts of the price tag would cause me to move wistfully on.

For some time I have wanted a purple bag. So imagine my delight the other day when I received an email stating that Longchamp was having a sale. I reacted like any sane girl would—I immediately bolted out of the office and ran over to the store. There I purchased a small, stylish bag in raisin (read: purple) from their Roseau collection. Mission accomplished. I can now start flourishing said bag around town. Now if I could only find something similar in orange...

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