11 January 2011

Keeping It Green

One of the best spots in Soho to grab a quick bite is Birdbath, a green bakery housed on the premises of the former Vesuvio Bakery.

 Some of Birdbath's delicious, organic offerings.

Opened in 1920 by the Dapolito family, Vesuvio served Italian bread and biscotti to generations of New Yorkers until it shut its doors a few years ago. With Vesuvio's closing, many neighbors feared that its famed green façade—a fixture in Soho—would be destroyed. Luckily Birdbath’s owner, Maury Rubin, decided to do the green thing and keep the storefront, signage and all, along with many of the bakery's other original features like its exposed brick walls.

A coffee and scone.

Today there are no loaves of bread to take home (although the original ovens still reside in the basement). Instead the countertop is covered with organic sandwiches and salads along with stacks of lovely cookies and other baked goods. Everything they have is delicious; this morning I went with a mixed berry scone and coffee. They also have a chicken cilantro sandwich with a side green salad that makes for a perfect lunch. So the next time you're in Soho stop by. Just look for the green storefront.

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