27 July 2013

Day 27: A Film From Your Childhood

Shirley Temple is The Little Princess. Image from here.

Day 27 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: A film from your childhood.

Sunday mornings growing up meant watching old movies on channel 44. They would always show a Shirley Temple movie and although she wasn't my favourite I did enjoy Walter Lang’s The Little Princess (1939). I especially liked the scene where Temple as Sara Crewe, reduced to working as a servant in the school and living in a garret, wakes up one morning to discover that her room has been completely decorated and the fireplace lit courtesy of Cesar Romero, playing an Indian servant named Ram Dass, and the tearful ending where she’s reunited with her missing father and meets Queen Victoria. Hail Britannia.

To find out more about the 31 Day Film Challenge, visit here.


  1. The Little Princess and The Littlest Rebel were the movies my mom & I would watch on any rainy Saturday when I was little! I hadn't thought about it in forever :)

    1. I hadn't thought about them in a while either yet when I was writing this post I kept singing "Animal Crackers in My Soup" and yes, I knew the lyrics.



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