02 October 2012

Trinity in the Rain

As some of you know, I'm quite fond of cemeteries and like taking photos of them. And so when I found myself down on Wall Street the other day with some time to kill before an appointment, I decided to pop over to the Trinity Church Cemetery and take some photos with my phone.

I've featured Trinity on this blog before but thought I'd show you what it looks like after it rains. The greens of the place appear more lush with a drenching and the remaining flowers' colours pop while the tombstones and monuments, some dating back to the 1700s, seem more prominent when set against a grey sky (the addition of fog would have been even better). 

One of the great things about visiting a cemetery is even if you've seen it before there's always something new to discover. This time round I stumbled upon the tombstone of one Archbald Leitch. I was immediately reminded of the Cary Grant film Arsenic and Old Lace in which one of the tombstones in the cemetery next to his old aunts' home says Archibald Leach, Grant's real name.

The cemetery was filled with loads of birds, some grabbing up worms from the wet ground while others, like this pigeon, were drying off their feathers. With the church bells ringing, I left the cemetery and ran off to my appointment.

Photos by Michele. 

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