17 October 2012

The Queen's Slippers

A pair of Marie Antoinette’s slippers sold today at a Paris auction for 62,460 euros. The size 36-and-a-half, green and pink silk slippers topped with a bow appear to be in pretty good condition considering they’re more than 200 years old. The Queen of France gave them as a gift to Alexandre-Bernard Ju-Des-Rets, the Advisor to the Parliament of Paris, in 1775. They have been in his family ever since. The slippers were part of an auction that included 350 items belonging to members of the French royal family. Coincidentally, yesterday was the anniversary of Marie Antoinette's execution by guillotine on October 16, 1793.

"Queen Marie Antoinette with her Children in the Park of Trianon" 
Adolf Ulrich Wertmuller (1785). Check out the shoes.

Another pair of shoes that had reportedly belonged to the Queen sold earlier this year for 43,225 euros. Just goes to show everyone loves a good pair of Louis heels.

To see other items from the auction, visit here.

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