06 October 2012

Dream Kitchen

Having the smallest kitchen on Earth (I’m exaggerating but not by much) I don't cook a lot and when I do, I try to stay away from dishes that require a lot of pots or room. For example, I have so little counter space that I usually have to balance a chopping board on the edge of the sink. And once when I made a cake, I had to put it on my desk to cool off. And so I often fantasize about having a kitchen with loads of space and cabinets where I can squirrel away all types of dishes and glasses and multiple pots in various sizes, and where I have ample room to work and for people to gather for a leisurely meal. In other words, a dream kitchen.

Plain English is a UK joinery company that creates just such kitchens. This kitchen of theirs, “Suffolk Rectory,” is beyond lovely with its creams and red accents and all those cabinets and shelves. And the bench along the wall? How gorgeous is that?

Just think of cooking in this kitchen. I can imagine rolling out dough for biscuits and frosting cakes not to mention stirring pans of risotto and roasting chickens in the oven all with plenty of room to spare. I can also see myself sitting on the bench with a cup of tea, flipping through a cookbook. And that table? Just perfect. I realize this kitchen is huge but if you're going to dream, you might as well dream big.

For more dream kitchens, visit the Plain English site here

All photos from Plain English's site.

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