11 October 2012

Halloween & Coffee

Halloween and coffee, two of my favourite things. What better way to enjoy my morning coffee this Halloween season than with this new ghost mug from Emma Bridgewater? I mean, how can I resist ghosts wearing orange Wellies? I'm a big fan of Emma Bridgewater and can't wait to add this mug to my collection (I just ordered it along with a marked down one for the Queen's Jubilee).

And the coffee I will be drinking in my new ghost mug will be made with my new Nespresso Pixie espresso maker! The smallest in the Nespresso line, the Pixie is compact, red, and just so damn cute. I've never been one to own a lot of gadgets and have happily been making coffee for years with either a French press or an Italian moka so this is a big deal for me. I'm sure the thrill of the new will wear off soon (I only got it a few days ago) but for now I'm looking forward to making coffee every morning.

For more on the ghost mug, check out the Emma Bridgewater site here. For more on Nespresso machines, check out their site here.

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