09 October 2012

Fall, Finally

Fall has finally arrived in New York City. This week's rain and grey skies have been a welcome relief from what has seemed like endless months of heat and humidity. But with colder temperatures comes the turning on of heaters across the city. New York landlords seem particularly intent on blasting the hell out of the heaters in their buildings and so tenants end up opening windows or running fans to counter the resulting sweltering temperatures. My one radiator spits and screams like a little demon, often waking me at night. 

But getting to wear my trench coat and boots more than makes up for it. As does having an excuse to decorate for the new season. I've already put out my velvet pumpkin and mini ghost pumpkins, vintage Halloween postcards from Salem, black cat kitchen towels, and tall, dark branches in an old French flower bucket (which will be replaced with white ones in December). I do wish that I had a window box to decorate like the one above. Somehow decorating the fire escape isn't quite the same thing.

Photo by Michele.

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