29 May 2013

The Final Countdown

It appears that I've been AWOL from the blog this past week. This is partly due to work but also because of marathon re-viewings of the first three seasons of Arrested Development followed by staying up to 3 am to watch the premiere of season 4 and then the rest of the episodes over the course of three days. Was it as good as the first three seasons? No. Does it matter? Of course not. While I miss the largely ensemble episodes of the past (this season each episode is focused on a particular character), I was more than happy to see the return of the Bluth family, particularly my favourite, Buster. And loads of Lucille 2. So if you haven't seen season 4 yet, do check it out. And if you've never seen the show, well there's just no excuse. Do it now. And remember, there's always money in the banana stand. 

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