14 May 2013


Vespas bring so many images to mind: Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck zipping around Rome, Parka wearing Mods in Quadrophenia, general Italian stylishness. Since 1946 when Piaggio & Co. S.p.A. manufactured their first model, Vespas have made riding scooters cool.

Growing up though, I rarely saw Vespas. In fact, I only remember the handful of Mods that I knew owning them. And they seemed to come in just a few colours. Then last summer I started noticing something. Everywhere I went there were Vespas and in all colours of the rainbow. New Yorkers seemed to have fallen in love with these icons of Italian design. 

It makes sense. Cars in New York are a huge hassle, the subway is hot as hell during the summer, and clogged streets must be easier to navigate on a Vespa. Besides, how cool would it be to ride through Central Park on one (on designated streets, of course) or around downtown? With the approach of summer I expect to see a slew of them again and look forward to them adding splashes of colour to the street.

Photos by Michele.

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