18 September 2012

Shake Shack Squirrel

After a meeting in the Flatiron District today, my colleague and I decided to grab a late lunch at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Like most New York City parks, Madison Square Park is home to a breed of squirrels who are utterly fearless. You just can't scare them. Which one woman found out as a particularly persistent squirrel decided to join her for lunch.

The squirrel sat on the chair opposite her before jumping up on the table and checking out her meal. The woman kept telling him to go away and waved her hands at him but he didn't budge until she finally stood to leave. The squirrel left briefly only to return with a packet of mayonnaise, which he proceeded to eat up in his perch in the tree, waiting for the next diner. Like most New Yorkers, he must have known that Shake Shack has the best burgers in town.

Photos by Michele. 

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