08 September 2012

Jack & Olive

A scream erupted from my mouth when I came upon this image during one of my recent late night web perusals. Jack Pickford and Olive Thomas!  For those readers familiar with this blog you will know that Olive Thomas holds a special place on my list of favourite stars (read this). In fact, I spent many years researching her life and tracking down every tidbit I could about her. One thing that was always elusive were photos of Jack and Olive together. There is a famous shot of them on the deck of the Imperator before departing on their ill-fated voyage to Paris (Olive would die in the City of Lights) and another of the two of them getting into the back of a car. So you can imagine my shock and delight when I suddenly saw these familiar faces pop up on the Film Librarian's blog. It looks like it's on the set of Tom Sawyer (1917) in which Jack played the title role and Olive had an uncredited cameo as a singer in the church choir. Aren't they adorable? It also gives me hope that there are other photographs out there just waiting to be discovered.

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