10 September 2012

Central Park Creatures

On Labor Day I spent the afternoon in Central Park, taking in a little greenery. It was hot and humid and not very comfortable but I strolled along anyways, observing others who had the same idea.

The light was amazing—that incredible late afternoon sideways light. In addition to the people relaxing in the park, there were some other New Yorkers out enjoying the day.  

I observed  two little sparrows sitting on a wire fence, checking out the people walking by while their buddies were hanging out in the grass behind them.

Nearby one lone sparrow was hanging out in a drinking fountain. Before long he was joined by some of his friends. I walked right up and observed them for quite some time and was largely ignored except for one guy.

Turning to leave, I found two squirrels watching me. I got the feeling this wasn't the first time they had posed for the camera.

Maybe I just had animals on the brain but I swear I saw the face of a hippo on this tree. Come on, don't you see it?

Regardless of the weather, it was a lovely way to spend a relaxing Labor Day.

Photos by Michele.

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