26 September 2012

Interiors Imagined

I live in a studio. A very small studio. I am content most days in my tiny home that has been streamlined to contain only the items that I love or need and is organized to within an inch of its life so it doesn't become unmanageable. Yet sometimes I dream of a bigger space. One with a hallway, one that has windows on multiply walls, one that allows the refrigerator to fit in the kitchen. And so when I take a walk around my neighbourhood, I like to pick out particular buildings and imagine what a flat would look like if I lived there. Here are a few buildings from a recent stroll.

This striking house stands out in Chelsea. Its white walls and green metal stairs screams Europe to me. I imagine an Art Deco interior where I mix cocktails from my glass and chrome drinks cart while exchanging witty bon mots with my guests who lounge on silver-grey sofas in a room with a painting of Diana and a greyhound above the mantel.

This house with its lovely beat up blue door always has something blooming in the front garden. I imagine lots of reds and woods inside, very English. There's a library that contains a fireplace and ceiling to floor bookcases where I choose rare books to read while curled up in an over-sized velvet chair with a big mug of PG Tips by my side and a saucer of shortbread.

For some reason this white brick building makes me think of a French interior. I see a flat that is a mix of antiques and modern pieces with some items from far-flung travels thrown in (a Moroccan rug, a Chinese screen) where I have people over for dinner and talks of art and literature, and I serve tiny cups of coffee and a perfect lemon tart for dessert.

There are so many other houses to dream up interiors for. One day, one may be mine for real.

Photos by Michele.

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