08 July 2011

Stars with Dogs

It has been one long and trying week (ironic as it was technically short because of the holiday). So for all you readers who may have been feeling a bit stressed lately, I bring you something to smile about—stars with dogs.

Carole Lombard (above) surrounded by dogs and one cat (let's just go ahead and assume the cat, who looks like my Poe, is not amused).

Rudolph Valentino with two very large dogs. Rudy was a big dog lover, which only adds to his greatness. One of his dogs, Kabar, is buried in the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery.

Olive Thomas and a very small friend. Olive posed with many dogs for publicity photos including Don, the Inebriate dog, while she was in the Follies. But she also had various dogs as pets.

Two great faces: Buster Keaton and his bulldog. Bets are the dog was able to hold the pose the longest.

Jean Arthur with a Boston Terrier. I have found many photos of Jean with dogs and know that later in her life she became a big animal advocate, even getting arrested in 1973 after coming to the aid of dog whom a neighbor was neglecting (the charge was trespassing).

Gary Cooper with a lovely white pooch, who may be one of the Sealyham Terriers that he and his wife liked to raise (one of their Terriers took Best in Show at the 1936 Santa Barbara Kennel Club Dog Show).

Louise Brooks and a ham. I love this photo because it's always nice to see her smiling and looking relaxed. And the dog is a riot.

Jean Harlow was a huge animal lover and always had a menagerie of animals in her home including dogs, cats, and even ducks. I believe this is Oscar the Pomeranian who legend has it quit eating after Jean passed away.

My what a cutie. And the dog isn't half bad either. (The actor reading his script is Cary Grant, as if I had to tell you.)

Happy Weekend!

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