08 July 2013

Day 8: A Film That You Can Quote a Line From

Day 8 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: A film that you can quote a line from.

For this challenge I’m going with a family favourite. Martin Brest’s Midnight Run (1988) is a hilarious film about bounty hunter Robert De Niro taking accountant Charles Grodin from New York to Los Angeles while being chased by the mob and the FBI. To this day all I have to do is quote a line from this film and a member of my family will not only know what I’m referencing but will usually answer back with another line. A few choice examples:

“Hey Marvin, look out!”

Can I ask you something? These sunglasses, they're really nice. Are they government-issued, or do all you guys go like to the same store to get them?”

“He got off with the other guy—two or three stops ago. His real name's Mosely.”
“I’m Mosely!”

“Is this moron number one? Put moron number two on the phone.”

"Hey Tony, Hopalong Che si dice!"

“You two are the dumbest bounty hunters I have ever seen!”

“Watch your cigarettes with this guy, Jack!”

“Looks like I'm walkin'.”

What a great film! To find out more about the 31 Day Film Challenge, visit here.

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