20 July 2013

Day 20: The Best Political Film

Day 20 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The best political film.

Alan J. Pakula’s All The President’s Men (1976), about the uncovering of the greatest political scandal in American history, is a taut thriller that not only gives a detailed look at Washington politics but also a realistic portrayal of a newsroom. One of the strengths of the film is that even though you know the outcome of the story you stay riveted throughout, due largely in part to Pakula’s superb direction. There’s also some great acting from Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman (“Woodstein”), and the brilliant Jason Robards as Ben Bradlee. Be warned though: watching the film again might make you nostalgic for the days when reporters had to actually speak to sources and confirm facts before running with a story.

To find out more about the 31 Day Film Challenge, visit here.

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