07 March 2013


The Oyster Catcher, Mousehole, Cornwall. Photo: Unique Home Stays.

Recently I broke down and joined Pinterest. The reason I held out so long is I knew I would love it and that once I started, I would be going down the proverbial rabbit hole on a daily basis. I was right. I do love it and have already spent way too much time pinning images of Louise Brooks and homes I want to live in; the Oyster Catcher, a stone house in Mousehole, Cornwall (a village that I've actually visited and loved), is just one of many I've been admiring. Give me a couple of months and I'll probably have a board going on every esoteric subject I can think of. So for now on if I'm late posting new tales you'll know why—I'm busy picking out art deco furniture and gazing at glorious cakes over on Pinterest. 

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