25 April 2011

Shades of Gold

Saturday after visiting an amazing exhibit (more on that at a later date), I found myself passing by Bryant Park. Although the lawn area was torn up (it's in the process of being re-sodded), I did get to stop and marvel at the surrounding buildings. The most striking was the Bryant Park Hotel. Originally built in 1924 for the American Radiator Company, its black and gold facade was designed to symbolize coal and fire, and at night can look like a glowing radiator.

The black and gold theme works so well that it can be found repeated in the fence around the park.

And even though it was rainy and grey, rows of lovely tulips were reminders that it is indeed spring.

These photos were taken with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. I used the Jimmy lens and Kodot XGrizzled film. Even though they don't always look as nice as images taken with a standard camera, sometimes I like to use the Hipstamatic and see what I get. In this case, the washed out, yellowish tint seems appropriate.

Photos by Michele.


  1. Great photo. I posted a link to your post on Twitter.com/bryantparkhotel @bryantparkhotel

  2. Glad you liked it. Thanks so much.



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