26 April 2011

Three Small Eggs

Violet and Bobby guarding their eggs. Photo: Christopher James/NYU.

Spring brings showers and blooming flowers. It also brings the arrival of many baby animals and birds. Last year, Red-tailed Hawks Violet and Bobby decided that the ledge outside NYU President John Saxon’s 12th floor office was just as good a place as any to build a nest. While watching hawks in the city is always interesting the appearance last month of three small eggs in the nest upped the curiosity factor. And for the last couple of weeks, courtesy of a small camera placed by the New York Times, people have able to view a live stream of the nest and watch for the arrival of New York’s newest citizens. 

The wait is almost over. News came just this morning that the eggs (or at least one of them) appear to be in the process of hatching. Most of the time the eggs are hidden from view by one of the parents (usually Violet) but it still makes for compelling viewing; when I checked in a few minutes ago there were more than 1,700 people visiting the live stream. Who knew watching a nest could be so fun?

To take a look yourself, visit here.

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