28 April 2011

Churchill Square

Winston Churchill Square is a charming little gated garden and sitting area located near a busy intersection in the West Village. Although I usually walk quickly by, today I was drawn inside by the sight of flowers still heavy with raindrops from the recent storm.

The square is named for England's illustrious prime minister (Downing is one of its bordering streets), and I like to think that he would have enjoyed sitting on one of its plentiful benches and enjoying a cigar. 

A ring of flowers and plantings surrounds a mounted armillary in the center. The symmetry of the garden gives an orderliness to the area while a circular path allows visitors to get up close and smell the flowers.

What had caught my eye from the street was the lovely pairing of purple Muscari with white Narcissus that seemed to scream "spring is here." Overhead, pink blossoms (a Redbud tree?) swayed in front of the painted advertisement for the pharmacy next door. 

I only had time to take a couple of quick shots with my phone before running off to Italian class but today's visit to Churchill Square will not be my last.

Photos by Michele.

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