29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

At 4 am this morning, with my Emma Bridgewater Union Jack mug filled to the brim with strong coffee, I sat glued to the television watching the coverage of the royal wedding. Although I spent the rest of the day wishing I could use toothpicks to hold my eyes open à la Bugs Bunny, I'm glad I watched. I have very fond memories of watching Charles and Diana's wedding when I was a girl, and there was no way I was going to miss their son's wedding. And it didn't disappoint. I loved Kate's dress, the trees in Westminster Abbey, the crazy hats, the carriage ride to Buckingham Palace, and especially the little girl on the left in the photo above. Besides, who can't use a little pomp and circumstance in their life?

Here in New York, everyone seemed to have royal wedding fever. Even the cabs carried ads for the wedding. So congratulations William and Kate. Well done.

Photo of taxi by Mrs. Parker.

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