17 February 2014

Presidents Day Stroll

With a stressful week ahead, I decided to clear my head by taking a long stroll around the neighbourhood today via the High Line, a park built on an old elevated rail line that runs along the West Side. The air was brisk as I head out into the streets of Chelsea, which were lined with piles of snow. 

Passing by the Episcopal Seminary, I noticed icicles hanging from the rooftops while the snow in the garden was undisturbed. Come springtime, the grounds will be filled with beautiful blooms but today there was just a blanket of white.

Up on the High Line, the combination of pine trees, holly, and snow lent a Christmas appearance to some sections while the surrounding buildings offered up interesting sights from graffiti art and old ghost signs to glimpses of the Empire State Building and lovely green trim on a classic brick building.

Back down on the street, I ran across a memorial to soldiers and sailors from Chelsea who fought in World War I, a fitting symbol on this day that celebrates two presidents associated with two of our greatest wars. Hope everyone had a relaxing Presidents Day.

Photos by Michele.

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