06 January 2014

Ollie and the Borzoi

On this dreary Monday, let’s look at something cheery—some photos of the lovely Olive Thomas.

Of all the images I’ve seen of the star, some of my favourites are these taken at the Hartsook Studio in Los Angeles in 1919. Olive, looking like a symbol of the all-American girl, poses with one of her pets, a Russian wolfhound or Borzoi.

Originally used to hunt wolves, Borzois were popular with Russian nobility before being introduced in America around the turn of the last century. By the 1920s, they were commonly found depicted in Art Deco works. A known dog lover (she also had a Pekingese named Ioha and a Chow named Zigi), Olive would have been very stylish owning one. Besides, don't they look darling together?

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