30 January 2014

Get Closer

This morning I had the chance to attend the media preview of the new "Robert Capa in Color" exhibit at the ICP. Readers of this blog can already guess how excited I was to see the museum's walls full of his work. A full review will be up on the blog later this week but I didn't want today to go by without noting that this marks the final day of Magnum Photo's "Get Closer" project. Since October 22, 2013, the 100th anniversary of Capa's birth, Magnum has posted a different Capa photo alongside a responding image by another photographer while encouraging people to "Get Closer" and post their own responses on various social media platforms with the tag #GetCloser100. The image above is today's 100th Capa image, which has an added level of humour thanks to the inclusion of the nun (it is one of Capa's colour images that's in the ICP exhibit)It's been interesting to see what's been uploaded everyday and quite compelling once you start going back and looking at the 100 days as a whole. So if you haven't checked out "Get Closer" yet, visit here.

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