26 September 2013


Sunday I headed over to Brooklyn with some friends to check out Photoville, a collection of freight containers that had been transformed into dozens of photo galleries. There were also lectures, workshops, and a beer garden—something for anyone interested in photography.

Great photo by Lisa Elmaleh

We checked out most of the exhibits; I particularly liked the work of Lisa Elmaleh, which reminded me of some of the images from the Great Depression, and enjoyed the Photographic Orchard with Cherry Blossom Trees by André Feliciano—trees covered with tiny pink cameras. My favourite exhibit may have been the Camera Obscura by La Fototeca who transformed one of the containers into a giant camera. Entering through heavy black drapes, it took a moment to adjust ones eyes in the dark before seeing the reflection of the Manhattan skyline on one wall (upside down, which is how a Camera Obscura works) courtesy of a small hole on one side of the container that acted as an aperture. Also got to check out the Penumbra’s Center for Alternative Photography’s booth where people could pose for their own tintype photo.

Yet the work on display had to compete with the gorgeous view of the city. Afterwards we walked through Brooklyn Bridge Park before capping off the day with some Blue Marble ice cream and a visit to the Powerhouse Arena bookstore where I picked up a couple of books. A lovely way to spend a Sunday.

Photoville runs through September 29, 2013. For more information visit here. All photos by Michele.

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