05 September 2013

Live Like Amélie

Audrey Tautou is Amélie.

I’ve written before about how much I love the film Amélie (2001). It’s my go-to film for whenever I’m feeling down or just need a jolt of happiness. It’s influenced my décor (heavy on red), confirmed for me that bobbed hair is best, and made me dream of living in Paris.

This week a friend of mine forwarded to me a BuzzFeed piece called “22 Ways to Turn Your Life Into Amélie’s Life.” “Savor the little details in life,” “be sure to listen to the people who know you best,” and “invest in a giant red patterned umbrella” are just three ways the author says you can live more like Amélie. It was perfect timing. Recently I’ve been feeling a bit worn out and could do with some Amélie reminders on how to live life. For starters, this weekend I think I'll go in search of the perfect crème brûlée so I can crack the sugar crust with my spoon and at the movies I'll be sure to turn around and look at the people in the dark.

To read all 22 ways, visit here.  

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