22 December 2011

Merry Windows

Every year I brave the crowds in order to see the Christmas windows on Fifth Avenue. They never fail to delight and put one in a holiday mood. 

This time there seemed to be a circus theme going on. At Tiffany's their windows wore carousel tops while inside the windows contained miniature carousel horses and in one example, a replica of Tiffany's facade—a window within a window so to speak.

While not particularly Christmas like, Louis Vuitton’s windows were maybe my favourite. Pared down in orange and white, they struck just the right combo of festivity and style.

Bergdorf Goodman tends to have the best windows and these were definitely eye popping. With the theme of Carnival of the Animals, they were both opulent and whimsical. The windows were so packed that it took quite a while to see all of the objects inside. I particularly liked the black and white window, complete with Boston Terrier.

And don't forget, if you get tired or cold you can always hop on one of the Fifth Avenue buses and take in the rest of the windows while staying warm and comfortable. Just think of it as a Fifth Avenue Christmas trolley.

Photos by Michele.

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