06 December 2011

Le Beret

Marie Prevost

The days are getting colder, which means the donning of hats and gloves. I love any excuse to wear a hat and although I own a good number, I always turn to my trusty berets in winter. Berets stay put (no danger in a sudden gust of wind sending them flying), can easily be shoved into a bag when indoors, keep your head incredibly warm, and look rather jaunty when worn at a slight tilt. They also have a timeless quality, and I just adore them. Don’t believe me? Look at how cool these stars look in their berets.

Jean Harlow

Olive Thomas. (I can't tell if she's really wearing
 a beret but I'm including it anyways).

Clara Bow

Greta Garbo

Carole Lombard

Ingrid Bergman

Marlene Dietrich

Lauren Bacall

I hope I've convinced you. So if you don't have one, go out and buy yourself a beret. I'm partial to black berets but any colour will do. I promise you'll love it. 

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