28 September 2011


I just learned that Diane Naegel, the creator of Zelda magazine, passed away on Sunday from breast cancer. She was only 31.

I didn’t know Diane but had read every issue of Zelda and liked it, a lot. For months I had thought about sending her an email to say how much I enjoyed Zelda but kept putting it off. Now I’ll never get the chance.

So often we plan to write to someone and never do because we think there's time, there's always tomorrow. I am certainly guilty of this. So my message is just do it, now. Grab your computer or a pen and paper and write to that person. It doesn’t have to be a huge tome; it can be as simple as telling a friend you're thinking about them or sending a quick note to someone to say “I liked what you wrote, shot, made, etc.” Trust me, the person will appreciate the message, and you’ll feel good about sharing.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to Zelda but if you’ve never seen it, visit the website. And if you want to read about Diane, there are some  lovely tributes to her over at Create! and  Thrifty Vintage Chic. Rest in Peace Diane.

Image from Diane's Pinterest board.

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