21 August 2011

Personal Best

"Paris, France" Elliott Erwitt (1989)

I just spent an enjoyable afternoon at the ICP (International Center of Photography) marvelling at the photos in the "Elliott Erwitt: Personal Best" exhibit. A photographer and filmmaker, Erwitt has captured some of the most iconic people of the 20th Century—Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Marilyn Monroe—while always keeping an eye out for the humorous and absurd. Many of the images I had seen before but seeing them blown up on the walls emphasized the details like the grief written on Jackie's face.

Erwitt, who is still taking photos at the age of 83, normally shoots in black and white, always film, and never manipulates his images. Pretty good rules. Here are just a few of the images from the exhibit.

"Empire State Building, New York City" Elliott Erwitt (1955)

"Provence, France" Elliott Erwitt (1955)

"Jacqueline Kennedy at John F. Kennedy's Funeral, Arlington, Virginia" Elliott Erwitt (1963)

"Dog Legs, New York City" Elliott Erwitt (1974)

The exhibit closes August 28th so if you get a chance to go this week please check it out.

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