26 June 2011

La Bergamote

French bakeries are always a plus to have near your flat—they almost always guarantee you fresh croissants in the morning and sweets for when you have people over (or just for yourself when you've had a bad day). La Bergamote Patisserie is one such place that I've come to depend on since moving to Chelsea. It's where I order my Bûche de Noël every Christmas and where I've purchased numerous Napoleons and religieuses for friends and colleagues.


La Bergmote used to be crowded into a tiny space on 8th Avenue but last year they moved across the street to a spacious spot with a dining area. Although the building is new details like the paintings on the back wall and the tin ceilings with exposed lights 
give the place a vintage feel.

What hasn't changed are their lovely choices of cakes and other sweets. They also serve ready-made salads and baguette sandwiches like ham and brie or pate and cornichons, which are perfect to grab for an outdoor lunch on the High Line, which is just a block away.

La Bergmote is also a fine place to sit by one of the windows and people watch while enjoying a cappuccino, which is exactly what I did after a long walk yesterday. With a handful of chocolate-covered almonds thrown in and some air conditioning, it was a perfect place to take a break.

Photos by Michele.

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