16 June 2011


James Joyce by Bernice Abbott (1928)

Happy Bloomsday everyone! For those of you who are fans of James Joyce you know that June 16th is the day that Leopold Bloom journeys around Dublin in Ulysses. There are monumental readings of the great novel going on around the globe today, fans are tweeting the entire novel (yes, 140 characters at a time), and more than a few pints being hoisted.

If you’ve never read the novel, you really should give it a shot. Yes it’s long, at times confusing, and is filled with references that you might not get but it's also gloriously colourful and funny and overflowing with the most incredible uses of the English language. Indeed, few have ever had such an ear for English as Joyce did. 

I began this blog with the opening line from Ulysses. I hope that you will continue and read the rest.

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