01 June 2011

Happy Birthday Marilyn

I used this image for my birthday post but how could I not reuse it?

Marilyn Monroe would have been 85 today. The story of how a little orphan named Norma Jeane Mortensen grew up to become known the world over as Marilyn Monroe, the most famous sex symbol of the 20th century, only to have her life cut tragically short at age 36, is one that I know you dear readers are familiar with. So instead of retelling her story, here are a couple of favourite images of Marilyn and a performance. Rather than dwell on tragedy this day, let's remember the vivacious blonde who was the true definition of a movie star.

Happy Birthday Marilyn.

As a rider of the subway, I like the idea of Marilyn waiting on the platform for a train.

I love photos of people reading. Marilyn obviously surrounded herself with things that were important to her—books, copies of art. As for the radio directly behind her head, I have the same one.

One of her happiest moments was performing for the troops in Korea. How lucky were these two guys?

An amazing beauty. And a pretty damn good actress too.

One of my all time favourite Marilyn performances. Doesn't get much better than this.

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