21 December 2015

Ingrid in the Snow

Ingrid Bergman by Bob Landry for LIFE Magazine (1941)

The February 24, 1941 issue of LIFE magazine featured an article titled “Ingrid Bergman Takes a Short Holiday From Hollywood.” The article was a fluff piece, featuring the then fairly new actress (she’d been in the US for less than two years and had yet to play her legendary role in Casablanca) on a ski holiday with her husband, Dr. Petter Lindström, at June Lake near the California-Nevada Border.

During the trip, she made a quick visit to San Francisco to meet with Ernest Hemingway who was en route to China with his wife, Martha Gelhorn. They discussed Hemingway’s wish for her to play Maria in the film adaptation of his novel, For Whom the Bells Toll, at Jack’s Restaurant where they enjoyed a “salad and a dry white wine” (somehow I can’t see Hemingway eating a salad). He is quoted as telling Bergman, “If you don’t act in the picture, Ingrid, I won’t work on it.” Hemingway didn't have to worry; Bergman ended up winning the part.

The article is accompanied by photos of the actress and the author at the restaurant. But I prefer the ones taken by Bob Landry of her having a snowball fight with her husband at June Lake, especially the one above. Landry captured this candid moment of the young actress moments after getting hit by a snow ball. She appears to be having a wonderful time. What a refreshing change from the normally staged studio shots of the stars. Now, don't you want to go out and play in the snow?

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