01 November 2014


October, my favourite month, just flew by without a single mention of a ghost story or an image of a cemetery on this blog. Shame. It's one of the months with so much material to post about. And there was a lot including a trip and loads of films, exhibits, and performances. For example, just last night, I celebrated Halloween at the Met where there was an illusionist, readings of Edgar Allan Poe stories, and an exhibit of mourning clothes with many of the attendants dressed to the nines being photographed by the one and only Bill Cunningham. All I can say is I've been a bit tired of late and haven't had the energy to sit down and write (lame excuse, I know). But I will try and rectify that this month and do some catching up. So please check back soon. In the meantime, make sure and follow me on twitter and instagram to see what I've been up to and enjoy November.

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