28 May 2014

I Love Paris

Every time I look down on this timeless town
Whether blue or gray be her skies.
Whether loud be her cheers or soft be her tears,
More and more do I realize:

I love Paris in the springtime.
I love Paris in the fall.
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles,
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles.

I love Paris every moment,
Every moment of the year.
I love Paris, why, oh why do I love Paris?
Because my love is near.—Cole Porter

Lately I've been dreaming of Paris. Perhaps it's due to the fact that most of my reading and viewing material of late has been set in the City of Lights or because New York has got me down at the moment or maybe it's just that I love Paris in the springtime.  Whatever the reason, Paris, I hope to see you soon.

Photo from here.

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