05 May 2011

Tulips Everywhere

Years ago I lived next to a historic site that included a series of gardens. I became a volunteer gardener on the weekends and was put in charge of planting bulbs in the fall. I knew nothing when I started and had to quickly become familiar with Latin names and learm which bulbs would have been found in a 18th-century New England garden. Needless to say I fell in love with the wonderful flowers and their names—Snowdrops, Keizerskroon, Butter and Eggs, Duc van Tol, Persian Bells, Absalon. I was especially fond of the tulips. So you can imagine my delight the other day when walking through the West Village, I spotted some tulips through a wrought-iron fence and captured the above image.

Or when walking through the West 20s, I passed through the flower district and found buckets and buckets of tulips. So dear readers you'll have to indulge me with these and other flower photos that I am sure to share over the next few weeks. I just can't help it.

Photos by Michele.

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