15 May 2011

Abingdon Square

A favourite pastime of mine is to wander around the West Village. Last weekend, I stopped at Abingdon Square Park to check out the farmers market. Although nowhere near the scale of the Union Square Greenmarket, the vendors at Abingdon offer up a small but choice selection of goods, from vegetables and fruit to baked goods and plants. Speaking of which, check out these lovely flowers blooming in the park. They were huge!

And my beloved tulips were in abundance as well. The park is a great place to stop while exploring the West Village. There is always a load of adorable dogs on view and a free bench on which to sit and rest ones feet.

But back to the farmers market. All of the vegetables on display were tempting but I settled on a bunch of lovely asparagus (look at that purple) and some nice crunchy radishes from a New Jersey farm.

Feeling very virtuous, I left the park only to run across Myers of Keswick. Probably the best purveyors of British goods in the city, stepping inside immediately reminds one of an old-time grocers, complete with vintage tin ceiling, stacks of sweets, and a store cat, Molly (I will have to post some photos of the interior at a later date).

Needless to say, I went inside and exited with some McVitie's Digestives. One can't have radishes with tea after all.

Photos by Michele.

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