05 November 2013

Happy Birthday, Vivien!

Vivien Leigh was born 100 years ago today on November 5, 1913 in Darjeeling, India. Indisputably one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the silver screen, she starred in a select group of films, earning Academy Awards for playing two of the most iconic characters of the 20th century: Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind (1939) and Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951). When she married Laurence Olivier, she became part of one of Hollywood’s greatest couples. Yet all of her beauty and talent couldn’t overcome the demons that eventually possessed her. I’ve just ordered Vivien Leigh: An Intimate Portrait (more here) and am looking forward to perusing images of one of my favourites. So Happy Birthday, Vivien.

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