21 February 2013

A Cup of Sweden

As a fan of Swedish mysteries, one thing I've learned is that Swedes love their coffee. And so last month when I was by the Plaza and desperate for some caffeine I decided to nip into Fika NYC, part of a small chain of Swedish Espresso bars in the city. Fika roughly means to take a coffee break, something that I love to do. And so I took my time and enjoyed a delicious cappuccino prepared by an extremely nice barista. It’s now my go-to place when I’m shopping (or more likely window shopping) on Fifth Avenue. And just this week I went to their Tribeca location, which houses their chocolate factory (oh yes, they make chocolates as well). I think a tasting should be on the agenda for the next visit. Don’t you?

For more info on Fika NYC, visit their site here

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