24 December 2012

Christmas in the City

There's something special about New York at Christmas. Maybe it's the smell of roasting chestnuts from a street cart or the feel of the cold on your face during a walk through Central Park on an overcast day.  

Maybe it's the wreaths and greenery stacked outside of bodegas or all the festive decorations—from the high-end stores uptown (Harry Winston adorned with diamonds, what else?) to the quaint houses (and fire escapes) downtown. 

Or maybe it's the sight of so many glorious Christmas trees from the angel-adorned tree with accompanying crèche at the Met to the stunner that greets you at the New York Public Library (above). The list goes on. Whatever it may be, New York has a special glow right now that makes me happy to be in the city for the holidays.

Photos by Michele.

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