07 November 2012

Central Park in Fall

Among the many things left destroyed or damaged in the wake of Hurricane Sandy were trees in Central Park. More than 650 in fact, including a 160 year-old pin oak. Just two days before the storm hit I was in the park and took some photos, wanting to capture the last of fall's colours.

Lovely fall reds and yellows and oranges could be found throughout the park and even on the wall of the American Museum of Natural History across the street.

Colour wasn't only to be found in the leaves.  A rainbow of pedicabs was lined up at the entrance of the park, ready to take visitors for a spin.

I haven't been back up to the park yet to see the destruction; it was closed until this weekend and now with a nor'easter depositing snow on the area it's closed again. It's strange to think that some of the trees in these photos may no longer be standing. But even with the recent losses Central Park, an amazingly beautiful oasis in the middle of this great city, won't let a storm, even a perfect one at that, bring it down.

Photos by Michele.

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