06 May 2012

Sunday on the High Line

Sunday afternoon I decided to take a stroll on the High Line. Although I live a few blocks away, I have to admit that I don't visit often enough. But the sun was shining and there were loads of butterflies out in force flitting between the 'Pink Delight' sage, and the 'Rhapsody in Blue' sage and 'Blue Ice’ bluestar.'

The paths were crowded with tourists and locals alike but I didn't mind as I was too busy taking in the 'Mount Everest’ ornamental onion and spotting a lone orange poppy.

The view from the elevated park was lovely as well, from the traditional brick buildings to the east to the modern Frank Gehry I.A.C. Building to the west.

Afterwards, I walked through the Meatpacking District before heading over to Chelsea Market to pick up some supplies for dinner. Along the way, I saw a musician moving his piano down the street with his little dog hitching a ride. A perfect ending to a great afternoon.

Photos by Michele.

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