08 April 2012

Easter Parade

                                   On the Avenue, Fifth Avenue,
                                   the photographers will snap us                                  
                                   and you'll find that you're 
                                   in the rotogravure.—Irving Berlin

Since the 1870s, Easter in New York has meant the donning of ones finest hats and clothes and strolling up and down Fifth Avenue near St. Patrick's Cathedral. 

This year the crowds were out in force, enjoying the sunny weather. Women wore their prettiest and sometimes most inventive hats, including some ladies from the Ziegfeld Society (second photo).

Dashing couples were to be found, many of whom were dressed in vintage attire—perhaps a nod to Easter Parades of the past.

Clothing aside, it was really all about the hats. In the past, women strove to display the most fashionable hats of the moment. Today, many of the hats were over the top or whimsical in their design.

And many were worn by men, including one who had a Tardis on his head (alas there was no doctor in sight).

At the end of the parade, people wandered off to their next destinations, their hats or bunny ears to be put away until next year.

Photos by Michele.


  1. Thanks for the little boost of internet fame I'm feeling for your photo of my really slapdash TARDIS hat :)

    1. Glad you liked the photo. The hat was brilliant.



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