07 March 2011

Keep Calm

These are the words I keep telling myself as I wait to see if my darling little laptop that has seen me through many moves and adventures for the last five years is going to make it. It stopped cold yesterday, and I am hoping (fingers crossed) that the geniuses at TekServe (no not the misnamed ones at the Apple Store) can bring it back to life. Until then, I won't really be able to post much.

And by the way, the poster above, I love it. I have one hanging in my office that I ordered directly from Barter Books in the UK (the store that discovered it) before it went viral so to speak. Doesn't matter how popular it is; I still love it. And so to all those naysayers who like to moan about them (people on Apartment Therapy, I'm talking about you) I say stop it. If you don't like the poster, don't buy one. If you do, go for it. Doesn't matter how popular it is, the message is still great.

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