11 February 2011

Wuthering Heights

"Ghosts XI" Sam Taylor-Wood (2008)

While a Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum was the reason for a recent visit, it was a much smaller exhibit upstairs that captured my attention. "Ghosts" is a collection of ten large format photographs of the Yorkshire Moors by Sam Taylor-Wood. Inspired by Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, Taylor-Wood set out to capture the harsh landscape that plays such an important role in the novel. The subsequent images are breathtaking. Sometimes populated only by a lone tree or a solitary ram, they highlight the beauty that is found in the starkness of the Moors. Each image is accompanied by a quote from the novel, which reminded me how much I love the writings of Emily and the other Brontë sisters. I left the exhibit wanting to take a long walk across the Moors (maybe one day).

"Ghosts I" Sam Taylor-Wood (2008)

 "Ghosts" is at the Brooklyn Museum until August 14 so please try and see it if you can. 

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