08 August 2010

I Don't Like Sundays

Sunday morning, praise the dawning.
I've got a restless feeling by my side.—Lou Reed

I've never been fond of Sundays. Thoughts of what needs to be done on Monday usually crowd my head, leaving me feeling anxious and stressed and unable to enjoy the day (checking work emails from overseas doesn't help either). So instead of thinking about the reasons why I don't like Sundays, I'm going to think instead about the things that I like about Sundays, like spotting some lovely roses during a morning stroll.

Or having breakfast at Café Grumpy where the coffee is yummy and the croissants are huge (note: the cappuccino pictured here is served in a smaller than normal coffee cup but the croissant is still the size of a child's head).

Or meeting the local canine residents in my neighborhood like Betty the Boston Terrier who obliged me by posing for a photo. Most Sundays it seems like there's a dog parade going on in Chelsea so it's usually the best day of the week to take photos.

Or taking a few hours to lose myself in a good book. I just started Wigs on the Green by one of my favourite authors, Nancy Mitford. So far, very good.

And I can't forget that Sunday evenings mean Mad Men with the dashing Don Draper (Jon Hamm). Of course, this being New York, there are always plays and museums and films and concerts and dozens of other events to attend. Hmm, perhaps Sundays aren't that bad after all.

First three photos by Michele.

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